"Photographs are footprints of our minds, mirrors of our lives, reflections from our hearts, frozen memories that we can hold in silent stillness in our hands - forever if we wish. They document not only where we have been, but also point the way to where we might perhaps be heading, whether or not we realize this yet ourselves..."  - Judy Weiser ( a pioneer in PhotoTherapy)

Photography as Research


Nurul-Ayn Blewett

I would like to welcome you to my Photography as Research Portfolio. 

My name is Nurul-Ayn Blewett and I am an arts practitioner and avid photographer, with an interest in therapeutic photography. I have a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, from Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio and I am completing a Master's in Art, Health and Wellbeing at Birmingham City University, England.

 The intention of my Photography as Research Portfolio is to present evidence of my photographic experience through various activities, my knowledge of photographic practice through noted readings/theory and as a presentation of my skills as a photographer/ artist.

The main emphasis of my portfolio is placed on making, taking and using photographs, with the inclusion of supporting statements. 

The portfolio is both a public and personal resource to support myself and others working practice. It is my hope that it expresses my creativity, innovation, aesthetic and technical capabilities as a creative professional. The portfolio is not simply a container for my work, but a creative statement itself that reflects the value I place on my work.

The portfolio’s pages are designed to show a relationship between the subject, images and supporting texts. I have used it as an opportunity to express and characterise the kind of work I want to do in the future. I present myself as a creative professional, supported by my own unique, creative vision and the work I have done.

I hope you find this insightful!


Key practitioners:


Judy Weiser-PhotoTherapist

Jo Spence- Photographic Re-enactment


Cristina Nunez-Self portraiture



Miina Savolainen-Projective Portraits


Rosy Martin



 Photograph taken during a Photo-Workshop with Clara Santos (Art Therapist/Phototherapist) and Kate Broom (Course Director).



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