Photographic Assignment 1: 

The Self-Portrait– A Personal Portrait


Self-portraits can be emotionally loaded. In this section I have photographed myself using different methods. As a person wishing to pursue therapeutic photography, I realise that it’s necessary to experience the reflective and possible emotions that a self-portrait can reveal.

Self portrait in bathroom

Judy Weiser defines what a self-portrait is in relation to therapeutic photography:
"Photos of a person, taken by themselves without any outside interference (i.e., "self-portraits"), let them explore who they are when they know no one else is there watching, judging the results, or attempting to control the process. Since issues connected to self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-acceptance lie at the core of most clients' problems, being able to see themselves for themselves, un-filtered by the input or feedback of others, can be a very powerful and therapeutically beneficial encounter."

In order to create an emotive self-portrait I looked at the work of Cristina Nuñez, who is a self-taught portrait photographer. She started working on self-portraits in 1988. After five years of heroin addiction and decided to embark on an inner search using her camera. The act of creating a photograph was used to express her feelings of inadequacy and to resolve difficult issues. She uses her own method, “The Self-Portrait Experience”,(which I have used as a guide for my own work) to explore her identity and relationships, and to initiate a dialogue between the thinking mind and as she explains-the“guts”.

Self portrait of Cristina Nunez

“A picture is worth a thousand words, creating a plethora of narratives with which clients may begin to re-story and re-frame their self- identity and their overall journey in life...” (Drama As Therapy: Clinical Work and Research Into Practice) Linsay Chipman

For this personal portraiture task, I created a self-portrait using different methods of photography. I have experimented with how I took the image, by using a mirror, time release, holding my camera at arm’s length and lying down to take my own photograph. It was my goal to create an image that best expressed my emotion and also enabled me to experience a new way of seeing myself.

After setting my photo sessions and taking many photographs and I selected 3 key images:

(Please click on the images below) 

Self Portrait 1

   Self-portrait I

Self-portrait II 

  Self -portrait III 


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