Photography Assignment 2:

People who support me

       Mom's Photo Tribute

The youtube video below, is a photographic tribute I made for my mum's ( I call her Mom) birthday. It features both recent and past pictures of her , as well as family and friends. I collected both digital and physical photographs to create this video. My goal was to create something that was both memorable and meaningful to her. In addition I have used the song 'You're my everything' by Sante Esmerada, which she had not heard since she was a child. Her reaction to the video was deeply emotional ( she cried throughout the 10 minute video!)  Many of the images held deep significance to her. I featured photographs of her childhood, her father who passed away and children who are older and have moved away. I felt this was an appropriate introduction to my 'Circles of Support'.

Circles of Support - identifying my support network

Aliyah- My Sister

She is my youngest sibling, but in character she is definitely the wisest. From a young age, she was always very caring towards me. I have been known to get a bit bossy with her, but she is never afraid to stand up for herself and I admire her for that. I want Aliyah to know how much she means to me. Her deeply caring nature and sense of humor make her such a lovely friend. Her own friends are very active in expressing their appreciation for her on facebook. Through her actions, she teaches me the strength of following through, maintaining a calm and steady pace and in turn achieving any goal. There are many things I don't know about her, skills and abilities I'm too busy to notice, but I would like to say what a talented and genuine girl she is and I wish her all the happiness in the world.  The ‘photograph’ I have captured of Aliyah, is actually a webcam still from a skype session we had together. Aliyah lives in Florida, so it is very difficult to see her very often. Luckily technology enables us to continue to develop our relationship and strengthen the support we give each other.  

 Symbolic/Metaphoric Image

Shibnum- My Sister

Shibnum has supported me throughout my life. Her funny insights and strong opinions have provided me with the necessary tools to form balanced opinions of situations and people. She has guided me, when I have overreacted about something or someone. Her infectious laughter reigns supreme. When times are hard and things aren’t going my way, I can depend on her to give me a solid and completely honest assessment of the situation. The photograph presented is of Shibnum in the middle of laughing. I have many pictures of her posing, smiling too hard or frowning. I have very little of her in a natural and happy state. Seeing her captured this way, is a great success. Her happiness and welfare is very important to me. I know she is also concerned with how I am and if I’m happy or not. I would like to tell her that I am happy and that I am very proud of her success. Our friendship has had its ups and downs, but throughout I have always loved her. The contact with Shibnum is not as regular as I would like, but when we do communicate it’s like we’ve never been apart.

I decided that Shibnum is best represented by strong fisted hands, with big chunky bracelets belonging to a beautiful lady. I see her as ‘Wonder-woman’. 

Symbolic/Metaphoric Image

Nuri and John - My Parents


My Mom and Dad have been combined as one whole unit. They are separate individuals but they do form a combined support. My parents have always encouraged me throughout my life. They have always wanted the best for me. If there was anything I dreamed of, they would insist I follow those dreams. Their love and patience, means the world to me. They have seen me through the brightest and darkest times. In some ways this has been the ultimate support in my life. There have been times I have had nothing to give back to them, but they continued to encourage me. The image captured, is from a recent holiday we had together. My parents are riding a tandem. My mom has always found it difficult to ride a bike, so my Dad always gets a tandem for them.

As a child my mother would sing:

Daisy Daisy, give me your answer do! I'm half crazy, all for the love of you! It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, but you'll look sweet on the seat of a bicycle built for two”

It is also the symbol that best represents them. They are a dual energy, always balanced and pushing forward. They believe in hard work and deep relaxation.

Symbolic/Metaphoric Image

Adam - My Brother


When I think of Adam, I picture someone of physical and mental strength. His sensitivities are usually hidden from most. As an athlete and veterinary student his life is very competitive. The moment captured in the picture, shows Adam with a rescued duckling. His focus is solely on the animal, with genuine concern for its wellbeing.  It is a sensitive, caring image of him that we as a family are lucky to see often. He didn’t mind being photographed, he actually barely noticed me there. As I stood taking pictures, I remembered him as a young boy. We would go walking together collecting grass and blackberries for cows and horses near our childhood home. The boy I knew then and the man I see now makes me very nostalgic. I realise that as we’ve gotten older we have actually drifted apart. I do speak to him regularly, but I realise that is not as frequent as it should or could be. My traveling and his studies keep me from being more supportive and/or supported. When we do get the chance to meet up, his warm honesty and strength are able to build confidence in me. I am thankful for the man I see now. The bond that we had when he was a child, is still there and it is my goal to make a stronger connection with him. His support and inspirational outlook on life have guided me through difficult times. I see Adam as a lion, deep, thoughtful and filled with inner strength. 

Symbolic/Metaphoric Image


Christos- My Boyfriend


This is my partner Christos. He is the newest person of support in my life.  I am thankful for his continued support. This image was taken while he was playing guitar. I think it best represents his personality- Steady, peaceful and determined. Whatever new song he learns, he does so with great passion and love. He realises that great things take time to develop and he is willing to put in the effort to make it manifest. 

When I am in need of help or advice, he listens and is very focused. I think that his love of music aids him in how he deals with the world. Perhaps even how he deals with me. What you can not see from the image is the sensitive quality of his music.You can see his fingers strumming, but the gentleness of the sounds are most beautiful. Christos had guided me through very difficult times and I wish to thank him. For this reason his symbol is the lantern, my guiding light.


Symbolic/Metaphoric Image

Order of Support

I have placed the photographs above in order of support. Those on the left support me the least and those on the right, the most. The order that I have placed those who support me, has deep significance. 

This was very difficult for me. I know that my partner is there for me on a daily basis. It is a mutual support for each other. I realise that as I've drifted away from the support of my parents, Christos is now filling this space. I do tend to communicate with my parents very regularly and they also seek to talk to me, frequently. With my siblings it was extremely difficult to order them. But I did so based on the amount of times we communicate. I believe that it is also my duty to support those who support me- Support the Supporters! I know that I need to make contact with my brother and also Shibnum. They both mean a lot to me and I would like to reconnect, even more than we do now. They so important in my life and I would like to take the initiative and form a stronger support network. 

I also decided to arrange their pictures based on time.

Those closest to the right are actually individuals I have known for the least amount of time. Those closest to the left I have known longest. 

Christos gives me the most support and I know him the least.

In someways I realise that this order has made me reconsider my initial listing, but I do think each person gives differently and expresses their care in personal ways. I am lucky to say that arranging this was very difficult. 

I would like to thank each member my support circle. They each mean the world to me, whatever order!

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