Self Portrait III 

"You peer through the lens and discover that there is just so much to see, so many choices to make- should I look at this aspect or that? Will I capture a complete panorama or focus in on a tiny detail? How can I balance all of the different elements and do justice to these diverse perspectives?" - Claire Craig


This image was taken in the park, with my digital camera. I had been having a picnic with my boyfriend and had decided to start taking pictures. The day was so beautiful. I was laying in the grass, I looked up to see the cherry blossoms and began photographing, then I turned the camera onto myself

I was in a relaxing environment, I had been sitting in the park all day, drawing and reading and having my picnic. I felt that I would take photographs as a way of absorbing and capturing the moment. I found it interesting how well the images turned out (clear and bright), but I still think there was more to the day, that could not be transcribed through the photgraphs.

What I like most about this image is the colours and my pose. I like the way you can see the petals of the flowers on the grass. The picture was taken while I was laying in the grass and put my hands up, to take  the photograph. You can see the reflection of my hands in my sunglasses.The reflection of my hands in the glasses are really of interest. I like the idea that you know it was me who took the photograph

 The mix of  curiosity and relaxation really set the tone for the day. The fact that the camera could be used as a visual memory, quicker than my sketches appeals to me.I loved looking at the individual flowers on the trees. As I lay down in the grass I knew the moment was something I would like to remember. So by documenting my day, the images could then transport my back to that place in time. 

While I was laying down, I was taking closeup shots of the trees above me. I really wanted to capture each petal. There was a light breeze and the trees were swaying. I turned the camera out at the sky and couldn't capture, so I turned it back at me.







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