Self Portrait II

"Photography can give a person a voice and provide an outlet for self-expression, a chance to learn something new. It can give flight to the imagination, help us to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and change beyond recognition our understanding of who that person is".-Claire Craig


When I first looked these portrait images, I was incredibly frightened. I had no idea, they would exist in such a way.To look at my face like this, is quite unnerving. In addition the angle of the camera is very direct and the image maintains its detail.

I began by putting a face-mask on. I was not considering this moment as a photographic opportunity, but as a usual aspect of my beauty regime. I began by placing my green mint julep mask on my face. The facemask had a mint fragrance which made my eyes water and later my makeup run. I usually wear a mask every couple of weeks. I would normally put one on before I  shower as in this case. Never see the need to remove my eye makeup.

 Self-Portrait, Clayface,2011, Digital Camera 

As the mask dried I noticed cracks appearing where my face had made an expressions. I got my camera. i realized this would be an ideal self-portrait opportunity. I held the camera in front of my face and began to make expressions. I smiled, frowned, closed my eyes tightly, pursed my lips, then  opened mouth wide as though screaming. As I contorted my face I felt the cracking underneath my skin. As i made more and more expressions, so it made it easier to move my face I actually enjoyed the sensation.

Some of the images taken in this self portrait series reminded me this children's show: "The Adventures of Mark Twain, specifically, "The Mysterious Stranger," the last book Twain was working on when he died. Below is a youtube video which features the image of a masked individual:


By taking these images in black and white, I think it adds a strange haunting effect and the viewer is left to add their content.I have included an additional selection from the shoot so you can experience the emotion. As I began taking more photos, I saw myself more as a pantomime and less as myself. It was as though emotion was pouring through.I believe this image is a depiction of a sadness I may locked have inside.






















Self-Portrait, Pursed Release,2011, Digital Camera

This session proved to be very therapeutic for me. Aspects of the session, carried into my ideas for my partner project. Themes, such as the masquerade, mime, and comedy and tragedy, and statue coming alive may be revisited at some point and have featured in my partner sessionThrough the experience of the self portrait process I believe I have gained certain insights about myself.




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